Striking reversal in age related memory loss shown in controlled study at Columbia University.


31% reduction in risk of a heart attack predicted by research conducted at University of Dusseldorf.


Near-term benefits peaking in hours plus longer-term benefits that build with daily use.


About Cocoa Flavanol Science

Cocoa flavanols are a highly unique blend of phytonutrients found only in the cocoa bean. Consumption of cocoa flavanols has been shown to improve blood vessel function, thereby improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. is a repository of some of the most relevant and robust scientific research on cocoa flavanols.

Brain Function

A significant body of published research has shown that consumption of cocoa flavanols support cognition and mood across a range of ages and study durations.

Cognition Studies

Mood Studies

Heart Health

Cocoa flavanol benefits on circulation and the cardiovascular system have been extensively studied and published over the past two decades.

Heart Health Studies

Skin Wellness

Studies of cocoa flavanols effect on skin wellness reveal increases in skin thickness, improvements in skin hydration and a reduction in skin roughness.

Skin Wellness Studies

Exercise Performance

Exercise performance and recovery time are highly dependent on the healthy circulation of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles and organs.

Performance Studies